Safety Guidlines

  1. You must wear your mask at all times while a game is in session unless you are underneath the covered staging zone.
  2. When you get out in a game you must put your barrel cover on your marker. Barrel covers must remain on markers at all times when not in the game.
  3. Never try to fix your marker while in play. If you think your marker is not working correctly, bring it to the staging area to look at your marker. If you are renting a marker have an authorized paintball leader look at it.
  4. If your goggles become fogged up or dirty, DO NOT try to clean them yourselves. Let an authorized paintball leader clean them for you.
  5. Never look down the barrel of your marker.
  6. Never pick up paintballs off of the ground and use them. (It will damage the marker)
  7. Never unscrew your CO2 cartridge unless instructed to do so
  8. All Paintball Markers must be chronographed to less than 300 FPS (Feet per Second).
  9. A waiver is mandatory to play at a YFC paintball function.