Why YFC? By Malea Emswiler

Posted on by Scott Smith

As vast as the world is in geography, so are its people. However, the vast faces that populate our
earth are all created by one God. This marvelous God and Creator deeply loves each heart He
has ever fashioned. The hearts of the people of Alaska are no exception to the incomparable love
of this great God. Youth for Christ’s mission and pursuit in life to reach not only the youth of
Alaska but the world is a beautiful and obedient work to be done!
Wherever we are as God’s children we can be abiding in a very sweet relationship with God so
we can find the consistent and unending passion to speak to people about God and His perfect
love made alive in the life of Jesus Christ. It has been my own personal desire for quite some
time to be in a place within our world that is less evangelized with less resources and
opportunities to help build our growing relationship with God. This is why Alaska has been in
my heart and on my mind since living there over 10 years ago. Of all the states in our union this
state is unique in a variety of ways but most pronounceable in its isolated and unreached
populations scattered throughout the state. It is an honor and an exciting role to be a team
member with Youth For Christ in helping to establish the good news of Jesus Christ to more
people, namely the youth, within Alaska’s tapestry. The youth of this present generation are
hoping to be loved and hoping to be noticed. I am able to both bring hope and love to these
youth and show them life is more than what’s tangibly held. Life can be celebrated because each
youth is created by God, loved by God, and each has so much purpose! ...This is why I work
under the name of Youth For Christ.

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